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Many of the horrific damages and fatalities of accidents involving 18-wheelers are attributed to the sheer weight and size of the trucks. They are heavy vehicles often used to transport bulky cargo over long or short distances. 18-wheeler drivers are legally required to be holders of a valid commercial driver’s licenses. Moreover, state and federal laws are in place that governs how to operate these tractor-trailers or semi-trucks given their formidable weight and size. That is why the way these large vehicles are operated is held at a higher standard than other automobiles, which extends to their maintenance, driver skills, and specific loading and offloading procedures. But while such rules and regulations are in place, there are many fatalities and damages linked to accidents that involve these big commercial trucks.


Should I Consider Hiring A Lawyer For My 18 Wheeler Truck Accident Case In Savannah, Georgia?

We highly recommend seeking the assistance and guidance of an experienced truck accident attorney in Savannah. If you or a loved one were unfortunate victims of an 18-wheeler truck accident, you might be eligible to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. You should hire a lawyer specializing in personal injury claims, especially in cases involving semi-trucks or tractor-trailers.

We at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C, are more than glad to help you seek justice and get the compensation you rightly deserve.

18-Wheeler Trucks Are Among The Common Causes Of Road Accidents

While these large vehicles might not be the cause of every accident, they are the common culprits in disasters such as:

  • Truck rollover
  • Jack-knife accidents
  • Risky cargo
  • Driver fatigue
  • Unnecessary speeding
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Blind-spot related accidents involving smaller vehicles
  • Poor maintenance

Which Injuries in Savannah GA Are Often Sustained In 18-Wheeler Accidents?

The injuries listed below can befall anyone involved in any type of automotive accident. However, they tend to be more devastating when it comes to truck accidents, especially in cases that involve 18-wheelers. Some of the common injuries people sustain in 18-wheeler truck accidents include:

  • Severe lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Spine injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputations
  • Skull fractures
  • Brain damage
  • Death

Should I Seek Compensation For Which Tractor Trailer Truck Accident Related Injuries?

Accidents involving tractor-trailer or semi-trucks tend to differ significantly from other types of accidents. Foremost, the massive build of these vehicles plays a significant part in how catastrophic the accidents are, meaning anything that is in their way during a crash or collision sustains severe damages. Victims of these accidents tend to suffer injuries that take a while to heal, and a complete recovery can also be a long process.

Many of the severe injuries that people sustain after being involved in a massive commercial truck accident often have a life-changing impact. Furthermore, they are costly to treat and rehabilitate. Victims of the accident are left with substantial medical bills that they cannot settle while they also have ongoing medical care. The physical, mental, and emotional damage the accident causes also impacts a significant part of their way of life. They experience financial losses because of their inability to return to work, and some never resume their professional lives because of the nature of their injuries.

If a victim of the accident dies, the family relatives are eligible to seek justice and compensation by filing a wrongful death case and claim. The money award can help cover lost wages, funeral, and burial expenses. It also can include an estimate of the current and future financial losses the family incurred due to the loss of its income earner.

The legal experts here at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C, will help you in your pursuit to recover the overall damages and losses your family suffered from the death of your loved one after the 18-wheeler truck accident.

Are There State Law And Insurance Regulations That Must Be Considered?

The commercial trucking industry must abide by set federal and state laws. The trucking companies should have high-liability insurance coverage for heavy vehicles, given the increased potential damages associated with them when involved in accidents.

If you are involved in this kind of accident, you might qualify to sue the truck driver, trucking company, its insurance provider, fleet maintenance agency, or the makers of the commercial trucks to recover damages. However, keep in mind that dealing with cases of accidents that involve 19-wheelers can get complicated when you consider the state and federal laws regulating the industry.

For instance, truck drivers must have physical qualifications for operating these heavy commercial vehicles. Moreover, they are expected to adhere to set regulations, such as driving within the stipulated time frame, which is set based on how much the driver’s rest. Furthermore, laws that govern the specifics of the type of cargo to transport and how it should be loaded and secured are in place. The trucking companies must also deal with at least two insurance providers when it comes to making policies for the vehicle’s trailer and cab parts.

Why Are 18 Wheeler Truck Accidents So Disastrous?

All vehicles with a gross weight rating exceeding 10,000 pounds are considered large automobiles; most semi-trucks and tractor-trailers fall under this category. Given their weight and how they can move at high speeds, they require a high level of proficiency to operate them compared to their smaller 4-door counterparts (the sedans). That is why the accidents associated with these trucks tend to be catastrophic.

Why Should I Hire An Accomplished And Experienced Savannah Semi Truck Accident Lawyer?

Trucking companies often have a team of skilled legal experts and advisors who have different tactics for freeing their clients from sustaining situations and responsibilities. They know all there is to know regarding the various laws and regulations governing the trucking industry. Also, these attorneys go to all lengths to discredit, minimize, or delay claim payouts. That is why our team of legal experts at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C, can be the missing piece in ensuring those responsible are found liable and getting the compensation you deserve.

We have handled countless commercial truck accidents, going against some of the prominent trucking companies. We have the reputation, experts, and resources needed to deal with the most sophisticated and highly-established trucking agencies across America. Call our law office today to schedule a non-obligatory case evaluation and discover how we can help make sure all the parties liable for your injuries and losses are held accountable and receive full compensation for your pain and suffering.

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At Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C, we represent our clients to the best of our knowledge and expertise. We strive to ensure they walk away as winners. We are a law firm with the resources and professional workforce that you need to maximize your case’s potential outcomes. Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C is not like other personal injury law firms that rely on 3rd party agencies to deal with case analysis, collecting exhibits, and hiring expert witnesses.

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We are a law firm that is proudly a cut above the rest. We use state-of-the-art trial presentation software, which allows us to gather vital information for each case we handle, packaging it correctly into one compelling presentation. As a result, we can give presentations seamlessly for depositions, mediations, or before a jury in a courtroom. With the software, we can display the severity of the damage and injuries caused while providing concrete evidence that proves the defendant’s liability via expert testimonies, diagrams, photos, videos, scene analysis, and other subtleties.

Our Attorneys Are An Invaluable Part Of Our Resources
We are a law firm that does things differently, taking a unique approach in handling cases. We have an in-house litigation team that enabled us to maintain closer control over every aspect of the legal matter’s clients hand us. It is something that has allowed us to gain a far better understanding of the injuries and damages that people involved in heavy-cargo truck accidents deal with and how this impacts their lives. Armed with such detailed knowledge, we can put together a winning strategy, whether a settlement is the most viable option or the matter goes to trial.

If your case has its day in court, then we must convey the facts of the incident to the judge and jury. And since our litigation team put together all the evidence and crucial details surrounding your case, from scene analysis and treatment of your injury to damage estimates and prepping for trails, they provide all the essential insights on the impact the accident had on your way of life. Furthermore, they will suggest the most effective approach for conveying these facts to the jury to help maximize the odds of winning and you getting compensation.

The Litigation Specialists

Mr. Cohen is part of the litigation team. He has more than 25 years of experience in law and an extensive background in alternative dispute resolution and trial experience. Cohen has represented insurance companies for liability claims. As such, he is one of the invaluable resources in our law firm that helps give us an edge regarding the different tactics and tricks that insurers employ for specific situations. Therefore, our legal department will have a concise strategy to use when striving to maximize the outcomes. Cohen offers his expertise and skill to bolster the attorneys’ efforts in all the cases we handle.

The Medical Investigation Experts

Mr. Drew Olley has worked at the country Coroner’s offices from well over 30 years, spending countless hours investigating accident scenes, damages, and injuries. They are 30 years of gaining invaluable experience that has allowed him to master how to deduce the facts surrounding the events that transpired and determining the safety of machines or if there way any faulty issues that might have contributed to the accident resulting in the injuries, damages, or fatalities. Mr. Drew uses specialized software and “stand-ins” to ensure all assessments are accurate, thereby yielding precise results.

The Trial Technicians

Mr. Chris Dietz has more than 10 years of working for our law firm. He has honed his legal skills and expertise to adapt to constant changes in trial presentation technology aptly. Dietz work alongside attorneys and respective clients, helping with each case’s assembly to be presented in court or mediations. He uses the latest trial-presentation technology and has effectively assisted our legal experts to effectively convey the essential details of their injury cases, presenting things medical records, expert witness testimony, as well as like photo and videos of the injuries and damages.

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