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Wrongful death is one of the most diverse and complicated branches of personal injury law. It is also an especially troubling matter that can leave surviving loved ones and relatives in dire straits. Wrongful death can happen in many of the most unexpected locations as well. From workplace accidents to the very hospitals and nursing homes we count on for health and wellness, untimely death is very rarely just an accident.

Kenneth S. Nugent of Georgia is an attorney who specializes in consolidating justice for the surviving relatives of these wrongful deaths.

When a loved one dies, expenses can suddenly become a major cause of concern. A deceased relative may have been the sole supporter of a family. With their untimely absence, a mother of three may need to take on more work just to keep everyone fed and healthy.

Foreclosures, backed up bills and hungry mouths can ensure and this can be an especially awful condition for a grieving family. This is where we apply our skills and extensive experience. We have made it our business to help make sense of this minor catastrophe.

Funeral expenses in themselves may be a financial burden that few can undertake. A funeral can cost over $12,000 and the arrangements and details will require mental acuity that is often lacking in this especially confusing time. The added weight of an uncertain financial outlook can make the matter especially bleak.

All in all, the added weight of the financial crisis is not yours to bear when a death is caused by another party. Call the law offices of Kenneth S. Nugent of Savannah, Georgia for a free consultation and advice on getting compensation to face the difficulties of wrongful death.

Medical Malpractice in Savannah Georgia

It is especially disturbing to think that after the trust placed physicians so many deaths can occur from medical malpractice. One of the primary causes for this egregious situation is sloppy medical work from pressured doctors with greater priorities than the patient’s safety and good health. Physicians looking to take on caseloads that are too high for them are prone to making mistakes and this can cost lives.

One common way that this happens is when a doctor adopts a “wait and see” plan for treatment and recovery. This can lead to a misdiagnosis of a very serious condition because proper tests are not being run. This is also a serious problem in the field of psychiatric medication. Patients are often placed on a wait and see list as the effects of medication can take some time to take full effect. This has led to people with depressive conditions committing suicide as their desperation to end their mental torment can become unbearable.

Surgeons can also make mistakes on the operating table most often due to pressures of time. Booking a surgery is not easy as there are limited doctors and a great need. While many people will assume that accidents caused by surgery occur when things are left in the body, it is often when something is snipped or sliced accidentally.

Savannah GA Nursing Home Abuse

Our law firm also handles some cases that are especially tragic. Many of these involve the death caused by abuse of victims too weak and defenseless to fight back. Most of us like to believe that nursing home staff are kind-hearted and caring individuals who have the well-being of our elderly loved ones at heart. While this is certainly the case in many situations, nursing homes have been found to cause harm in a number of ways.

  • Medical Errors
  • Slips And Falls
  • Physical Abuse
  • Improper or Unnecessary Restraint
  • Bed Sores

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can happen anywhere and can often result in deaths. This is often the case in especially dangerous professions like law enforcement, electrical work and the like. But, terrible accidents can happen anywhere. In our line of work, we can help navigate the hassles of dealing with insurance companies that will do anything to avoid the compensation due.

When an insurance company decides they will not payout or are stalling for time, you or your loved one may feel pressed to return to work prematurely. This can cause an injury to become more serious and this can lead to pain and suffering. We will fight for your cause and ensure that you are compensated for your injury and can enjoy a full recovery before returning to the work scene.

Lost wages are not always given the full respect they are due and this can mean receiving considerably reduced income. Employees are required to provide worker’s compensation by law. Many people will try to avoid doing this and this is why you should call the Savannah Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent when seeking compensation for workplace accidents.

One way the insurance providers will seek to avoid paying worker’s compensation is by saying that the employee was at fault for their injuries. But, there are many ways that the employer was to blame for the injuries, here are just a few:

  • Ladder Falls
  • Improper Sanitation
  • Inadequate Training
  • Repetitive Computer Use
  • Damaged Equipment

Faulty Security
We expect that our kids will be safe and sound when they leave the nest and head off to college. It is always hard for them to leave the safety of home but we would hope their safety at college will be assured. Dorms are supposed to come with security and guards so that these young adults will be safe while they are beginning their new life. For good reason, only those students with proper ID are allowed to enter the building and get past the security guard.

But, the truth is that security is often lower than necessary and the safety of your child is at risk. There are many cases each year when unauthorized visitors get by college security and enter student housing facilities. This can expose young people to the dangers of drugs, thieves, and sexual abusers. Our specialized services work to provide you justice when your loved ones have been exposed to harm due to lax college dorm security.

Video surveillance plays an especially important role in these cases. This can provide the valuable details needed to determine the nature of a case. Those working at convenience stores are among the most common victims of violent crimes in burglaries and robberies.

Often the security installed by a professional security company may have flaws in the system that can reduce the efficacy of the security you are provided. We all want to feel safe at home so we rely on these security companies to provide protection from burglars and other intruders. While death is not always the result of a burglary, it can happen. It is always a serious tragedy for a loved one to be struck down in the safety of their own home.

Our experienced lawyers will complete a full investigation into who is responsible for the damages caused when proper protection is not provided. If the proper protection had been applied, there is reason to believe that the injuries and injustice would never have happened.

How Can Our Savannah Law Firm Help When Heinous Negligence Occurs?

It takes an expert in all things medical to prove medical malpractice in courts and for this, you will need a special type of personal injury lawyer. We have the best medical malpractice attorneys on the job to present your case to the courts. Everyone involved will be thoroughly interviewed as the eyewitnesses, nursing staff and other hospital employees may be key witnesses in what happened.

The paperwork involved with properly calculating the extent of the damages and how much compensation is actually owed is another important factor. It is nice to have a knowledgeable legal professional at your side in this time of need to protect you from making mistakes you may later regret. Some of the red tape will include:

  • SSRI
  • SSD
  • Filing a Lawsuit
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Military Benefits
  • Insurance Claims
  • Pensions

Our Savannah Attorneys Help You Access Life Insurance Benefits of your Deceased Loved Ones

It is a common practice for life insurance companies to try and pay the lowest possible payout to the grieving families. They may even try to pay you much lower than you actually deserve and even nothing at all if they can help it.


In the case of suicide, insurance companies may argue that they are no obligated to pay when the tragedy was committed by the insured party. But, this is not always a clear assessment as it can be argued that the person was not thinking about their life insurance policy when they took their life. Many insurers offer a secondary benefit for these cases that can be applied to a person considering committing suicide. But, this is not always a possibility and often a lawsuit is the only way to fight for your rights.


Another popular ploy of the insurance company is to come up with as many reasons as they can to delay making a payout to the claim. Many of these will sound reasonable enough too, for example, without the certificate of death, they will not be able to confirm the insured party has actually deceased. But, they also have many more ploys and ways to delay making claims until the last possible moment. But, you needed that money for some time and we will fight to get it for you.

Our Attorneys May Reach A Settlement Instead Of Going To Court

Both sides are usually more inclined to work out the disagreement through negotiations leading to a settlement, rather than taking the matter to courts. Courts are expensive and time-consuming and create added stress when you must stand trial.

We will typically look for a way to avoid a courtroom confrontation and have seasoned lawyers ready to litigate with the lawyers of the opposing party.

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Kenneth S. Nugent has over 30 years of law practice in which he has found justice and compensation for families of all different backgrounds and financial statuses. Wrongful deaths should never be taken lightly and it is hard to imagine the devastating effects a situation like this can have on a surviving family. Our law firm has lived up to this important tenet and we provide superior legal services to those who may otherwise not afford it.

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We wait to receive your compensation or justice when doing so could mean a lost case? Getting an attorney on your side as quickly as possible greatly improves your chances of reaching a positive resolution when it comes to your case. Some types of cases cannot be filed within one or two years. Get your free case evaluation now!